visit fantastic fields Mebuki Noubou

We found Mebuki-noubou's flier at Eco-ya baobab's office. 
They grow vegetables and rice with no agrochemicals.
Why don't you visit them?
They live in Sasayama-shi, Hyogo prefecture.


Mr and Mrs Sakai showned their field.

Their rice field was feeling very comfortable and wonderful.
Weeds were grown moderately and it was devised that it is various to lessen the degree of growing thick of a seedling etc. 

The interval of the seedling is also taken with extensive.
Rather than crop yields, it is a device which makes delicious every one grain of rice in good health. 
If food strong and delicious probably is eaten, even if it does not eat a lot so much, I will think that it can fully be satisfied. 
Compared with the rice field (right-hand side) of a next door, the difference in the density of a seedling is known well. 

Which is taken with eating much rice which can be taken in large numbers, even if it is delicate and the taste is thin, and eating a proper quantity of strong and delicious rice? 
It was a spectacle made to be considered. 

The field was wonderful again. 
Full of weeds! 

At first glance, they abandoned weeding but it wasn't.
Brawniness of the vegetables which push aside weeds and grow! If it comes with the taste, that there is the taste of the life itself does not have room to suspect, either. 

Once it made, the trough was used without cultivating what year. 
He told just still going to wait for an earthworm to finish making the ground. 
The word that we are on the way all the time was impressive. 

White flowers are carrot's one.
It is a seedling of aubergines which coexists with weeds. 
The seedling which is growing in the clover of middle understands a thing with clearly sufficient breeding compared with the seedling of the place in which the clover has seldom grown. 
impressive reality!!!

It covers on a trough, without throwing away, even if it cuts weeds, and is making it the compost as it is. The weeds which grow in the land are protected by the weeds of the land. 
Weeds protect a newcomer's vegetables, and raise.
And furthermore, let's go to the field near the mountain! 
Mr.Sakai guided us, we met Miss Takeuchi, she grows rice on the way to Mr.Sakai's field.

She looked glad and said "I just prepared a seedling and weeds at last!" 
If it sees, a seedling and weeds will be located in a line with a line by turns. 
Her field id different way from Mr Sakai's. It doesn't fill water in field,

Each person have their own way.
We impressed that they respect their farming each other and they enjoyed what they do.
Mr.Sakai's rice field near the mountain.

The buckwheat noodle Restaurant called Roan Matsuda to the back where went up the way. 
The French Restaurant called "Hiwanokura" where went down the way.
It is Shuraku-Maruyama

Roan Matsuda is a fantastic buckwheat-noodles restaurant called one Michelin star. 
Needs to book. 

Both of the restaurant use Mr. Sakai's vegetables. So there is no doubt their real ablity is high.

As a souvenir, we received the huge zucchini (about a 2-liter PET bottle).

Although they said whether it would become large too much and there would be any taste, it was a zucchini firmly! 
It was sufficiently hard to chew.

We impressed so much.
Thanks a lot.
We definitely visit there again!

a life which produce natural climate

  • 2012.08.05 Sunday
The greenfingers eco-apartment project with a vegitable garden built with a natural material is advancing the building program to Akashi-shi, Hyogo.
What place is it as Akashi?

Many things which I do not know still more about grown-up town Akashi. 

The Akashi castle, an octopus, and the meridian line are famous. 
They are Kobe and Kakogawa to a next. 

These days, development of here Okubo in front of a station is progressing. 
The station front looks like mini Tokyo, 
These days, I consider that a traditional old private house and rice field are also decreasing gradually. 
Time to consider liking what kind of life-style to improve culture and customs and to adopt in Akashi is required. 

This time Eco-ya BAOBAB's Mr.Tomohira Yamada tells about The life which produces a natural climate.

The following "Is this the way of future Eco-House?" The life which produces a natural climate by Mr.Tomohira Yamada

"Natural climate" is not a mere natural phenomenon but an object for which man finds out self in it, and is the method of "self-comprehension" of man by which expression of all human lives, such as literature, fine arts, religion, and customs, is found out as a Philosopher Tetsuro Watsuji (*1) is discussing by the work "natural climate." 
It has stated. 

Although it became difficult from the beginning, a climate is fusion technic of nature and a person. 

The present world tends to be uniformalized by worldwide one. 
If an example is taken in rationality, efficiency, etc. while it can consider only in the principle of a number why it is the global standard (*2), it seems to be required indeed.

As a result, it stops being Japan, and I am no longer a Japanese and think that the Japanese spirit must not be forgotten. 

While everything flows also at home so that naturally central overconcentration, it is even difficult for the present condition for rural areas to become a gear of centralization of power in the flow. 

Aiming at small Tokyo, it tries to pretend to be a Tokyoite. 

I feel that it is a big fault that local administration and industry cannot find out their precious article, and I consider as only the information from a center is holding the big problem also in the state of the access to information which rides on an electric wave. 

Rural areas have not independent, and has not self-governed. 
Pressing boast of a country (rural areas) and the feature to death, the dispatch from rural areas heard about the central government's complexion, and has emasculated. 
It will become difficult, to love this town. 

If house structure is taken for an example, it lives from primitive conditions, such as change, the seasonal feature, location, and を can be seen. 
The material of the area is used, the residence which wraps in the life and in terms of hard is taken into a life at the breathing as it is, and circulation and exchange restore. 
It seems that that town, and the expression and proportion of this town can be expressed. 

There are goods and foods in which it is recognized as a genuine article, and is loved in the town, and the ring spreads in the wide area and which became many national constituencies in an order. 
To the last, I think that they are evaluation in the area, and extension of love. 

I feel a little gap was a talk of the essence in fact although I thought like in talk of an ecohouse. 

Tetsuro Watsuji(※1)
(1889-1960) Philosopher. Ethicist. 
Born in Himeji. 
The professor of Kyoto University, the University of Tokyo. 
A start and an achievement which was excellent in the history of ideas and cultural history research of Japan, China, India, and the West with sharp aesthetic sense are made from Nietzsche Kierkegaard's research. 
Moreover, the relation between people and a person is thought as important and the compendium of the ethics on the basis of relation, i.e., the ethics as man's study, is also built. 
a work -- "an old temple pilgrimage", a "climate", "ethics", etc. 

global universal standard(※2)
The global standard is a word which shows the standard, standard, and rule which were not restricted to a specific country or the area, a company, etc., but have been accepted, spread and established globally.  



think about agliculture

  • 2012.08.03 Friday
    think about agliculture
    Our greenfingers eco-apartment has a vegitable garden each household.
    Then, I would like to consider a few about agriculture.
    Man has changed the life style to the agricultural life more stable from the hunting life. 
    The way which stores food was devised and the technology which can respond was developed to the population which continues increasing. 
    However, it is clear to hold many problems in the agriculture now. 
    It will be faced with the serious problem that a possibility of destroying the earth itself in which we live is large, if the health impairment caused by agricultural chemicals or a chemical fertilizer, the environmental damage caused by destruction of nature, the earth damage caused by disruption of ecosystem, etc. will continue the present agriculture in the future. 
    What thing is sustainable agriculture really?

    the following sustainable agriculture from wikipedia

    it is the agricultural thing which considered sustainability to be the maintainable agriculture (jikyu-jisoku, U.K.:Sustainable agriculture, sustainable agriculture) in which agricultural continuation is possible. 
    The environmental problem about agriculture also has many things various in fact and serious. 
    For example, when reclaiming farmland, there is a problem of destroying natural environment which was there from the first, such as a forest, causing the decrease in water resources by using superfluously cold water (river cold water, a lake, groundwater, etc.) required for cultivation of crops, or starting soil pollution and water pollution with agricultural chemicals. 
    Moreover, it is indirectly concerned with social problems, such as the problem related to agricultural products, for example, a food problem, and a problem with which food is related safely, etc. 
    It is the agriculture which taking in the view of sustainability and trying to solve these problems can maintain. 
    The view and maneuver related to agriculture maintainable undisplayed 
    Cyclical form agriculture 
    Cyclical form agriculture carries out cyclic use of manure, agricultural chemicals, farm implements, etc. which are used for agriculture. 
    It can become maintainable agriculture to use for manure the waste which comes out at stock raising, agriculture, a home, etc., or to carry out cyclic use of the garbage which comes out in agriculture. 
    Organic farming
    Although organic farming is originally the agriculture not using a chemical fertilizer or chemistry agricultural chemicals, it leads to using few manure and agricultural chemicals of an environmental impact by a natural origin, and can also become maintainable agriculture. 
    Local supply and local consumption and food mileage 
    The view which leads to reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas by choosing the agricultural products produced by near Tokoro from the agricultural products produced overseas [ distant ]. 
    The trial which heightens productive capacity through improvement of a species, or reduces necessary quantity of agricultural chemicals or manure also occurs. 


    think about Nature

    think about Nature

    How much we could understand the Nature?
    For example, if you release an apple from a hand, it will be dropped on the ground. Becase of gravitation force. There is no trick.
    Oil is natural resources. Which made of animals and plants remains. It wasn't scientificaly composed.

    I think We should never forget that economy realize benefit from nature and use nature now.

    Below "about Nature" extract from wikipedia

    We simply considered nature can be use as much as we like for about 50 years ago.Also,we imagined that the nature on the earth called it the thing it is absurd and huge and strong, and it was innocently bundled with not having a big bad influence to whole [ on the earth ] it being natural, even if human beings add a hand.And human beings have added the hand using various technology automatically (its desire goes freely) for the sake of their convenience. Human beings reclaim the tropical rain forests of a vast area until now using a heavy industrial machine etc., and change into artificial farmland etc., and have annihilated much animals and plants. Moreover, there are contamination, deforestation, an oil outflow, etc. as a threat which the human being to the natural environment of the earth causes. The natural environment without the influence of man is decreasing quickly.

    If it becomes in the second half of the 20th century, although the percentage of the human beings to the amount of living things on the earth is very small, it will have come to be understood gradually at last that the influence which human beings have automatically is so great that it un-balances.An ecosystem is a much delicate existence rather than people were imagining once.   It has come to be understood gradually that man needs to consider natural environment more. It is also understood increasingly gradually that there is the complicated feedback loop of change which use of new technology gives to environment. (ecology)It is understood increasingly in recent years that change which human beings give to natural environment relates also to whether our civilization may continue in the future closely. (sustainability) It not only debates by the international conference of relation, but an environmental problem and ecology pose now a problem which the government of every country in the world also thinks as important and which cannot carry out a problem and disregard, and the Parliament of each country is often treated.

      More about nature



    think about permculture

    • 2012.07.31 

    There is a keyword used as the basis of this eco-apartment project.
    That is a permaculture.

    it says, the basic idea of permaculture is
    - Consideration of environment.
    - Consideration of people
    - A fair share
    - Traditional rediscovery
    - Often observe a natural system and employ it efficiently.
    - the fusion of aptitude technology which employed the characteristic of the land efficiently.

    According to the designer of "Takashi Hanazono", and Mr. Takahiro Yamada of a bioform environmental design room.
    For example.
    The ecosystem is built by much animate life, has variety, has many backup functions, has an autoregulatory function, produces it itself, and provides oneself.

    An ecosystem performs goods circulation, circulation of water, and reproduction of energy inside oneself.
    polluted water is not taken out.

    The system of a life our present age has structure which specialized only in the single function too much.
    That is especially right in a city.
    And "subcontract-ization" of the function is carried out to a convenience store etc., and our lives are maintained barely.
    Moreover, there is also no structure of circulation. 
    On the other hand, water, energy, and food are carried into the city from the outside, and the city is maintained. (extract from Let's making eco-apart with vegitable garden!)

    The nature has no waste and co-existing each other but the human being, ourselves are including the part of the circulation. 
    If you leave nature automatically, it will be committed only in the good direction. 
    While reconfirming once again the thing natural [ but ] which tends to be forgotten sometimes, I wished to consider city collective housing. 
    Moreover, the blog of Mr. Shitara Kiyokazu of NPO permaculture center Japan is also introduced. 

    Please read tif you are interested. 


    About heat insulation of a residence and a natural material

    • 2012.07.29

    The interior of a room of a greenfingers eco-apartment is supposed to be built with a natural material. 
    And thermally insulated.
    According to Eco-ya Baobab 's Mr. Tomohira Yamada

    In order to live to Eco, a good quality of heat insulation of a house will be necessary.

    Becoming strict about heat insulation is related to sick house syndorome which I wrote before.
    If there is no interior of a room for a natural material so that indoor airtightness may not be exposed to a chemical substance over a good part and a long period of time, it will be said that it is useless.

    We had consultation about interior of a room of being for a natural material had been held also at the major house maker M home in early stages of the apartment project.

    The answer which came back is that are a designer's mansion?, there is the recognition.
    Most major house makers were not wanting whether to consider whether indoor chemical substance exposure is considered and such recognition. 

    The origin of common sense and craftsmanship thinks that it became good study about where it is.

    Interior adhering to natural materials, such as a pure cedar plate flooring and a mortar wall.
    If the interior of a room is a natural material, insulation efficiency is improved unreservedly.

    About a natural material and heat insulation, we publish again.



    Home and Garden

    • 2012.09.15

    We have just been enjoying to work out a detailed plan of the garden of an eco-apartment,
    Eco-ya BAOBAB architectural design laboratory These Mr. Tomohira Yamada's talks are a home and a garden.

    Now, it is today's theme, home and garden.

    the small large thing of the garden -- the relation between not right or wrong but a home and a garden
    "ecolo"  I think if touch can tell.

    First of all, about planting.

    A large role is played to control of solar radiation cover or the rise in heat of the ground.

    In order to interrupt the afternoon sun of the west side, planting a deciduous tree is known well, but as a matter of fact, care is serious and tends to be kept at arm's length.

    But there is no tree to which a leaf does not fall.

    It a tree is not only cool, but delights eyes and the heart.
    I think if tree is chosen in view of the conditions of a site, the neighborhood, etc.

    Moreover, I recommend you to arrange green around a house. 
    A parking lot is made into green parking, or a flower bed is prepared. 
    If green can be especially planted in the north side, it will be useful to put in fresh air(※1) in a summer. 

    It seems that what does not break down an ecosystem from the first is good as for the kind of the tree to plant and flower. 

    The beginning is artificial although the report which threatens an ecosystem greatly has a well effective alien species. 
    Although rain also looks at the construction which allots grass and moss of the Foreign species grown at least in a roof, the trial in a native species is expected. 
    Don't you think that using above all the exterior building materials of an antiseptic full [ in carrying out thing use ] of trees which cannot be welcomed, such as an insecticide and manure, wants to avoid? 

    Next, it is a garden as a cycle of circulation of a life. 
    It can use for performing use of rain water, purification of drainage from the household, etc. 
    It can also make it easy for processing of a kitchen garbage to also use compost etc., to get an earthworm and a microbe to help it, and to return it to the ground. 
    In the case of earthworm compost, please take into consideration a little isolation with a kitchen garden.

    Based on the ground made with compost, circulation appears in a kitchen garden, a kitchen garden, etc.
    And a green fence etc. are prepared, 
    it is performed frequently these days that I boil an ivy plant and also have you play a role in solar radiation cover. 
    A sponge gourd, a balsam pear, etc. had much report of crops boast this summer also. 

    Vegetables are made from a kitchen garbage with the ground which oneself made. 
    It can practice space-saving. 
    here is also actually much report from the balcony of an apartment. 

    The relation by a living thing is an origin place also in character building. 
    Anyway, I think that a plant and a microbe may be sufficient not only as virtual knowledge but coming into contact with and it. 
    if the hand is put in, they will be responding to it so that we can feel small circulation,nature and the earth and so on. 

    Because management requires much care in the garden ... I hear talk well. 
    Because it apply with so much labor, 
    How about enjoying oneself?

    fresh air(※1)
    In the case of planned ventilation or a passive design, I plan how an air intake is obtained. 
    Of course, although it is a premise to have taken airtightness, it is designed where new air is obtained from. 


    The designer who has considered the garden this much may be rare. 
    They are such things as a passive design.

    An architectural design and the production of the garden are inseparable relations. 
    The production of a place may be able to say whether it builds at "what kind of place" as the production of the garden. 

    Appropriate cost starts managing fallen-leaves arboreal vegetation to the extent that the afternoon sun of the window of the second floor is interrupted. 
    Considering "living all the time", it is troubled by the afternoon sun, and if the electric bill of the part is used, fallen-leaves arboreal vegetation will be planted. 
    Then, planting contributes to warming control of the area and produces oxygen. 
    The branch selected if there was a vegitable garden, fallen leaves were made into the manure and there was a wood stove is made to fuel.
    Are various things except the money which maintenance management takes "buying electricity" becoming possible?

    Moreover, 100% of green is also possible, the green parking can cut down the cost of the construction costs of a parking lot sharply. (if you understand that some grounds may be carried into getting on and off of a car by in the car) 

    Also in the production of the garden using the native species which does not break down an ecosystem, it tends to seem that only the Japanese style garden can be made.
    It can make also in the atmosphere of the European style depending on how to also make a native species.
    I also regard an foreign species as the ability of the original garden to be built with those combination since the appreciation kind without ability of reproduction is also made by improvement of a species.

    About compost,  before I have been studied aversion fermentation, good mind fermentation, etc by earthworm compost using a dung worm.
    How about practicing reasonable by the method which suited the life style, since there are various methods according to a place or a use? 

    The garden of a greenfingers eco-apartment is also designed and goes by a concept called eco and organic. 
    Directly touch and walks for the ground or a plant, even occasionally fights for them. 
    I think that I will make it such a garden.

    I know it's worth waiting! 

    I am sorry that some afterwords become long.