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  • 2012.08.05 Sunday
The greenfingers eco-apartment project with a vegitable garden built with a natural material is advancing the building program to Akashi-shi, Hyogo.
What place is it as Akashi?

Many things which I do not know still more about grown-up town Akashi. 

The Akashi castle, an octopus, and the meridian line are famous. 
They are Kobe and Kakogawa to a next. 

These days, development of here Okubo in front of a station is progressing. 
The station front looks like mini Tokyo, 
These days, I consider that a traditional old private house and rice field are also decreasing gradually. 
Time to consider liking what kind of life-style to improve culture and customs and to adopt in Akashi is required. 

This time Eco-ya BAOBAB's Mr.Tomohira Yamada tells about The life which produces a natural climate.

The following "Is this the way of future Eco-House?" The life which produces a natural climate by Mr.Tomohira Yamada

"Natural climate" is not a mere natural phenomenon but an object for which man finds out self in it, and is the method of "self-comprehension" of man by which expression of all human lives, such as literature, fine arts, religion, and customs, is found out as a Philosopher Tetsuro Watsuji (*1) is discussing by the work "natural climate." 
It has stated. 

Although it became difficult from the beginning, a climate is fusion technic of nature and a person. 

The present world tends to be uniformalized by worldwide one. 
If an example is taken in rationality, efficiency, etc. while it can consider only in the principle of a number why it is the global standard (*2), it seems to be required indeed.

As a result, it stops being Japan, and I am no longer a Japanese and think that the Japanese spirit must not be forgotten. 

While everything flows also at home so that naturally central overconcentration, it is even difficult for the present condition for rural areas to become a gear of centralization of power in the flow. 

Aiming at small Tokyo, it tries to pretend to be a Tokyoite. 

I feel that it is a big fault that local administration and industry cannot find out their precious article, and I consider as only the information from a center is holding the big problem also in the state of the access to information which rides on an electric wave. 

Rural areas have not independent, and has not self-governed. 
Pressing boast of a country (rural areas) and the feature to death, the dispatch from rural areas heard about the central government's complexion, and has emasculated. 
It will become difficult, to love this town. 

If house structure is taken for an example, it lives from primitive conditions, such as change, the seasonal feature, location, and を can be seen. 
The material of the area is used, the residence which wraps in the life and in terms of hard is taken into a life at the breathing as it is, and circulation and exchange restore. 
It seems that that town, and the expression and proportion of this town can be expressed. 

There are goods and foods in which it is recognized as a genuine article, and is loved in the town, and the ring spreads in the wide area and which became many national constituencies in an order. 
To the last, I think that they are evaluation in the area, and extension of love. 

I feel a little gap was a talk of the essence in fact although I thought like in talk of an ecohouse. 

Tetsuro Watsuji(※1)
(1889-1960) Philosopher. Ethicist. 
Born in Himeji. 
The professor of Kyoto University, the University of Tokyo. 
A start and an achievement which was excellent in the history of ideas and cultural history research of Japan, China, India, and the West with sharp aesthetic sense are made from Nietzsche Kierkegaard's research. 
Moreover, the relation between people and a person is thought as important and the compendium of the ethics on the basis of relation, i.e., the ethics as man's study, is also built. 
a work -- "an old temple pilgrimage", a "climate", "ethics", etc. 

global universal standard(※2)
The global standard is a word which shows the standard, standard, and rule which were not restricted to a specific country or the area, a company, etc., but have been accepted, spread and established globally.  


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