think about agliculture

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    think about agliculture
    Our greenfingers eco-apartment has a vegitable garden each household.
    Then, I would like to consider a few about agriculture.
    Man has changed the life style to the agricultural life more stable from the hunting life. 
    The way which stores food was devised and the technology which can respond was developed to the population which continues increasing. 
    However, it is clear to hold many problems in the agriculture now. 
    It will be faced with the serious problem that a possibility of destroying the earth itself in which we live is large, if the health impairment caused by agricultural chemicals or a chemical fertilizer, the environmental damage caused by destruction of nature, the earth damage caused by disruption of ecosystem, etc. will continue the present agriculture in the future. 
    What thing is sustainable agriculture really?

    the following sustainable agriculture from wikipedia

    it is the agricultural thing which considered sustainability to be the maintainable agriculture (jikyu-jisoku, U.K.:Sustainable agriculture, sustainable agriculture) in which agricultural continuation is possible. 
    The environmental problem about agriculture also has many things various in fact and serious. 
    For example, when reclaiming farmland, there is a problem of destroying natural environment which was there from the first, such as a forest, causing the decrease in water resources by using superfluously cold water (river cold water, a lake, groundwater, etc.) required for cultivation of crops, or starting soil pollution and water pollution with agricultural chemicals. 
    Moreover, it is indirectly concerned with social problems, such as the problem related to agricultural products, for example, a food problem, and a problem with which food is related safely, etc. 
    It is the agriculture which taking in the view of sustainability and trying to solve these problems can maintain. 
    The view and maneuver related to agriculture maintainable undisplayed 
    Cyclical form agriculture 
    Cyclical form agriculture carries out cyclic use of manure, agricultural chemicals, farm implements, etc. which are used for agriculture. 
    It can become maintainable agriculture to use for manure the waste which comes out at stock raising, agriculture, a home, etc., or to carry out cyclic use of the garbage which comes out in agriculture. 
    Organic farming
    Although organic farming is originally the agriculture not using a chemical fertilizer or chemistry agricultural chemicals, it leads to using few manure and agricultural chemicals of an environmental impact by a natural origin, and can also become maintainable agriculture. 
    Local supply and local consumption and food mileage 
    The view which leads to reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas by choosing the agricultural products produced by near Tokoro from the agricultural products produced overseas [ distant ]. 
    The trial which heightens productive capacity through improvement of a species, or reduces necessary quantity of agricultural chemicals or manure also occurs. 

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