visit fantastic fields Mebuki Noubou

We found Mebuki-noubou's flier at Eco-ya baobab's office. 
They grow vegetables and rice with no agrochemicals.
Why don't you visit them?
They live in Sasayama-shi, Hyogo prefecture.


Mr and Mrs Sakai showned their field.

Their rice field was feeling very comfortable and wonderful.
Weeds were grown moderately and it was devised that it is various to lessen the degree of growing thick of a seedling etc. 

The interval of the seedling is also taken with extensive.
Rather than crop yields, it is a device which makes delicious every one grain of rice in good health. 
If food strong and delicious probably is eaten, even if it does not eat a lot so much, I will think that it can fully be satisfied. 
Compared with the rice field (right-hand side) of a next door, the difference in the density of a seedling is known well. 

Which is taken with eating much rice which can be taken in large numbers, even if it is delicate and the taste is thin, and eating a proper quantity of strong and delicious rice? 
It was a spectacle made to be considered. 

The field was wonderful again. 
Full of weeds! 

At first glance, they abandoned weeding but it wasn't.
Brawniness of the vegetables which push aside weeds and grow! If it comes with the taste, that there is the taste of the life itself does not have room to suspect, either. 

Once it made, the trough was used without cultivating what year. 
He told just still going to wait for an earthworm to finish making the ground. 
The word that we are on the way all the time was impressive. 

White flowers are carrot's one.
It is a seedling of aubergines which coexists with weeds. 
The seedling which is growing in the clover of middle understands a thing with clearly sufficient breeding compared with the seedling of the place in which the clover has seldom grown. 
impressive reality!!!

It covers on a trough, without throwing away, even if it cuts weeds, and is making it the compost as it is. The weeds which grow in the land are protected by the weeds of the land. 
Weeds protect a newcomer's vegetables, and raise.
And furthermore, let's go to the field near the mountain! 
Mr.Sakai guided us, we met Miss Takeuchi, she grows rice on the way to Mr.Sakai's field.

She looked glad and said "I just prepared a seedling and weeds at last!" 
If it sees, a seedling and weeds will be located in a line with a line by turns. 
Her field id different way from Mr Sakai's. It doesn't fill water in field,

Each person have their own way.
We impressed that they respect their farming each other and they enjoyed what they do.
Mr.Sakai's rice field near the mountain.

The buckwheat noodle Restaurant called Roan Matsuda to the back where went up the way. 
The French Restaurant called "Hiwanokura" where went down the way.
It is Shuraku-Maruyama

Roan Matsuda is a fantastic buckwheat-noodles restaurant called one Michelin star. 
Needs to book. 

Both of the restaurant use Mr. Sakai's vegetables. So there is no doubt their real ablity is high.

As a souvenir, we received the huge zucchini (about a 2-liter PET bottle).

Although they said whether it would become large too much and there would be any taste, it was a zucchini firmly! 
It was sufficiently hard to chew.

We impressed so much.
Thanks a lot.
We definitely visit there again!

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