About heat insulation of a residence and a natural material

  • 2012.07.29

The interior of a room of a greenfingers eco-apartment is supposed to be built with a natural material. 
And thermally insulated.
According to Eco-ya Baobab 's Mr. Tomohira Yamada

In order to live to Eco, a good quality of heat insulation of a house will be necessary.

Becoming strict about heat insulation is related to sick house syndorome which I wrote before.
If there is no interior of a room for a natural material so that indoor airtightness may not be exposed to a chemical substance over a good part and a long period of time, it will be said that it is useless.

We had consultation about interior of a room of being for a natural material had been held also at the major house maker M home in early stages of the apartment project.

The answer which came back is that are a designer's mansion?, there is the recognition.
Most major house makers were not wanting whether to consider whether indoor chemical substance exposure is considered and such recognition. 

The origin of common sense and craftsmanship thinks that it became good study about where it is.

Interior adhering to natural materials, such as a pure cedar plate flooring and a mortar wall.
If the interior of a room is a natural material, insulation efficiency is improved unreservedly.

About a natural material and heat insulation, we publish again.


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