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  • 2012.09.15

We have just been enjoying to work out a detailed plan of the garden of an eco-apartment,
Eco-ya BAOBAB architectural design laboratory These Mr. Tomohira Yamada's talks are a home and a garden.

Now, it is today's theme, home and garden.

the small large thing of the garden -- the relation between not right or wrong but a home and a garden
"ecolo"  I think if touch can tell.

First of all, about planting.

A large role is played to control of solar radiation cover or the rise in heat of the ground.

In order to interrupt the afternoon sun of the west side, planting a deciduous tree is known well, but as a matter of fact, care is serious and tends to be kept at arm's length.

But there is no tree to which a leaf does not fall.

It a tree is not only cool, but delights eyes and the heart.
I think if tree is chosen in view of the conditions of a site, the neighborhood, etc.

Moreover, I recommend you to arrange green around a house. 
A parking lot is made into green parking, or a flower bed is prepared. 
If green can be especially planted in the north side, it will be useful to put in fresh air(※1) in a summer. 

It seems that what does not break down an ecosystem from the first is good as for the kind of the tree to plant and flower. 

The beginning is artificial although the report which threatens an ecosystem greatly has a well effective alien species. 
Although rain also looks at the construction which allots grass and moss of the Foreign species grown at least in a roof, the trial in a native species is expected. 
Don't you think that using above all the exterior building materials of an antiseptic full [ in carrying out thing use ] of trees which cannot be welcomed, such as an insecticide and manure, wants to avoid? 

Next, it is a garden as a cycle of circulation of a life. 
It can use for performing use of rain water, purification of drainage from the household, etc. 
It can also make it easy for processing of a kitchen garbage to also use compost etc., to get an earthworm and a microbe to help it, and to return it to the ground. 
In the case of earthworm compost, please take into consideration a little isolation with a kitchen garden.

Based on the ground made with compost, circulation appears in a kitchen garden, a kitchen garden, etc.
And a green fence etc. are prepared, 
it is performed frequently these days that I boil an ivy plant and also have you play a role in solar radiation cover. 
A sponge gourd, a balsam pear, etc. had much report of crops boast this summer also. 

Vegetables are made from a kitchen garbage with the ground which oneself made. 
It can practice space-saving. 
here is also actually much report from the balcony of an apartment. 

The relation by a living thing is an origin place also in character building. 
Anyway, I think that a plant and a microbe may be sufficient not only as virtual knowledge but coming into contact with and it. 
if the hand is put in, they will be responding to it so that we can feel small circulation,nature and the earth and so on. 

Because management requires much care in the garden ... I hear talk well. 
Because it apply with so much labor, 
How about enjoying oneself?

fresh air(※1)
In the case of planned ventilation or a passive design, I plan how an air intake is obtained. 
Of course, although it is a premise to have taken airtightness, it is designed where new air is obtained from. 


The designer who has considered the garden this much may be rare. 
They are such things as a passive design.

An architectural design and the production of the garden are inseparable relations. 
The production of a place may be able to say whether it builds at "what kind of place" as the production of the garden. 

Appropriate cost starts managing fallen-leaves arboreal vegetation to the extent that the afternoon sun of the window of the second floor is interrupted. 
Considering "living all the time", it is troubled by the afternoon sun, and if the electric bill of the part is used, fallen-leaves arboreal vegetation will be planted. 
Then, planting contributes to warming control of the area and produces oxygen. 
The branch selected if there was a vegitable garden, fallen leaves were made into the manure and there was a wood stove is made to fuel.
Are various things except the money which maintenance management takes "buying electricity" becoming possible?

Moreover, 100% of green is also possible, the green parking can cut down the cost of the construction costs of a parking lot sharply. (if you understand that some grounds may be carried into getting on and off of a car by in the car) 

Also in the production of the garden using the native species which does not break down an ecosystem, it tends to seem that only the Japanese style garden can be made.
It can make also in the atmosphere of the European style depending on how to also make a native species.
I also regard an foreign species as the ability of the original garden to be built with those combination since the appreciation kind without ability of reproduction is also made by improvement of a species.

About compost,  before I have been studied aversion fermentation, good mind fermentation, etc by earthworm compost using a dung worm.
How about practicing reasonable by the method which suited the life style, since there are various methods according to a place or a use? 

The garden of a greenfingers eco-apartment is also designed and goes by a concept called eco and organic. 
Directly touch and walks for the ground or a plant, even occasionally fights for them. 
I think that I will make it such a garden.

I know it's worth waiting! 

I am sorry that some afterwords become long. 

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