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  • 2012.07.31 

There is a keyword used as the basis of this eco-apartment project.
That is a permaculture.

it says, the basic idea of permaculture is
- Consideration of environment.
- Consideration of people
- A fair share
- Traditional rediscovery
- Often observe a natural system and employ it efficiently.
- the fusion of aptitude technology which employed the characteristic of the land efficiently.

According to the designer of "Takashi Hanazono", and Mr. Takahiro Yamada of a bioform environmental design room.
For example.
The ecosystem is built by much animate life, has variety, has many backup functions, has an autoregulatory function, produces it itself, and provides oneself.

An ecosystem performs goods circulation, circulation of water, and reproduction of energy inside oneself.
polluted water is not taken out.

The system of a life our present age has structure which specialized only in the single function too much.
That is especially right in a city.
And "subcontract-ization" of the function is carried out to a convenience store etc., and our lives are maintained barely.
Moreover, there is also no structure of circulation. 
On the other hand, water, energy, and food are carried into the city from the outside, and the city is maintained. (extract from Let's making eco-apart with vegitable garden!)

The nature has no waste and co-existing each other but the human being, ourselves are including the part of the circulation. 
If you leave nature automatically, it will be committed only in the good direction. 
While reconfirming once again the thing natural [ but ] which tends to be forgotten sometimes, I wished to consider city collective housing. 
Moreover, the blog of Mr. Shitara Kiyokazu of NPO permaculture center Japan is also introduced. 

Please read tif you are interested. 

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